Plásticos Pineda S.L.

Plásticos Pineda was born in 1959 with the clear objective of gaining its space in the plastics processing market, supplying the sector since then, with products on demand from third parties and own.

In 1984, the company specializes in the manufacture of agricultural plastic parts, pioneering the vacuum in the sector clearly neglected during that period..

Plásticos Pineda is characterized by its extensive experience in the sector and its commitment to innovation in processes and the application of these in manufacturing. Located in Barcelona and dedicated to the transformation of plastics, it is clear that its essence is the people, and therefore the trust of the client is fundamental. To this day we continue applying the same professionalism and diligence in the productions as the day that was founded.

At ECOPLASTIC3D, we are proud of being a clean company committed to environmental issues, since our industrial processes exclusively rely on renewable energy sources, and we recycle practically 100% of the raw materials we use. We also certify that our suppliers share and meet our environmental standards and, therefore that they possess certification of compliance with the carbon footprint rquirements according to ISO 14064. Our commitment goes far beyond merely being a company with low cost CO2 emissions.

We are continually developing R&D projects aimed at ensuring our products have the characterisitics they need to have. This also means that we are able to develop biodegradable products on demand.