PLASTICOS PINEDA is an organization with a clear international vocation, whose main objective is the design, manufacture and distribution of plastic parts, it's production being oriented mainly to the agricultural and industrial sector. Developing biodegradable products that are as respectful as possible with the environment.

The vision of the company that guides the professional intervention is to work with an organizational and functional structure that guarantees a quality service, always offering the best possible solution and procure the maximum to the client's satisfaction , looking for a continuous growth covering all of needs for complex that these be.

For this it is necessary to put at the customer's disposal all the information and resources that they may need and from which they can benefit, whether or not they are included in the company's product portfolio.

As a result of PLASTICOS PINEDAS's commitment to the workers, society, customers, the environment and the owner's, the Quality and Environmental Management System is based on its Service vocation with the following principles :

- IMPLEMENT AND PROMOTE AT ALL THE LEVELS OF IT'S ORGANIZATION THE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM as a fundamental element to achieve the levels of quality and service that the clients require.
- COMPLY WITH THE LEGAL REQUIREMENTS that derive from the legislation in force applicable to the organization, as well as the voluntary requirements that PLASTICOS PINEDA wants to subscribe and the client's own regulations.
- Maintain and CONTINUALLY IMPROVE THE EFFECTIVENESS of the Quality and Environmental Management System through the fixation and periodic review of objectives, indicators and management programs.
- Promote PARTICIPATION, TRAINING AND INFORMATION within the company and in all it's activities, motivating the entire human team, including suppliers and subcontractors to work in accordance with this policy and the requirements of the Integrated System.
- To guarantee the CLIENT'S SATISFACTION analyzing the expectations of the products marketed and their requirements by means of adequate communication channels.
- Make the objectives of the QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT POLICY compatible with Plasticos Pineda economic objectives, making the company's human and technical resources competitive and profitable.
- It encourages the continuous reduction of GREENHOUSE EFFECT GASES, introducing the necessary measures and controls.
- Identify, control and as far as possible reduce the ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS generated during the activity and encourage interested parties to respect the environment.

All this in order to continuously improve, achieving an optimum level of security for the development of the work, respecting the environment in which they develop and adapting the activity to the requirements of the contracts.

The Company's Director

The SO 14001 is the international standard for environmental management systems (EMS), which helps organizations identify, prioritize and manage environmental risks as part of its usual business practices

The ISO 9001: 2008 is the basis of the quality management system since it is an international standard and focuses on all the quality management elements that a company must have in order to have an effective system that allows it to manage and improve quality of your products or services

La ISO 14064

Commitment for employment
The "Commitment Plan for Employment in Barcelona" is a program to help small and medium-sized enterprises to promote the recruitment of people registered in the city of Barcelona (prior to 06/27/2014), over 40 years old, of long-term unemployment and people with special difficulties of insertion in situation of unemployment.

LÀBORA program
The program promotes the employment of people with difficulties in accessing the labor market, led by the Municipal Institute of Social Services of Barcelona City Council with the cooperation of social organizations represented by ECAS (Catalan Entities for Social Action), insertion companies of Catalonia, the Red Cross, and business of the city.

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