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EcoSostenibleWine 2016

The fifth edition of the Ecososteniblewine Conference brings together over 380 professionals from the international wine sector in the Vilafranca del Penedès Auditorium.
And as it could not be otherwise, ECOPLASTIC3D has contributed in the sponsorship of an event necessary for the dissemination of a way of doing and thinking so important for the future of the sustainability of the vineyards and respect for the environment in its exploitation.
Speakers such as Assumpció Anton (IRTA, Center for Agri-Food Research), Audrey Petit (French Institute of Wine and Wine), Tito Caffi (University of Piacenza) and Salvador Lladó (Bayer Cropscience) Use of copper treatments and the toxicity of copper in the vineyard, how to approach the management of diseases of the vine or the evolution in phytosanitary protection.
Ecososteniblewine 2016